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Apr 2, 2015 9:56 AM ET

“lady-like”: a buddy comedy about two best friends in college and what happens when a relationship comes in the way of a friendship

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 2, 2015


by Brent Craft

They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, meet our baby…

About this project

“lady-like” is a buddy comedy about two best friends in college and what happens when a relationship comes in the way of a friendship.

Meet Allie, a quick-witted college girl struggling to get her act together. Meet Kort, a down-to-earth studious type lacking social finesse. And then there’s Daniel… Yeah, he’s a dreamboat.

After Kort and Daniel hit it off at a party, Allie guides Kort through the ups and downs of the college hook up scene. However, when Kort and Daniel get more serious than planned, Allie is left on the outside looking in and tensions rise. But in a funny way.

This movie isn’t just about dating and parties. It’s about looking yourself in the mirror when your best friend isn’t also in the mirror, obstructing your view….

Metaphorically speaking, that is.

The characters, the humor and the plot are, in large part, inspired by six female friends who lived in a three-story townhouse next-door to us in college.

This is the house. We want to shoot there…

We also want to shoot here…

And all over here.

Meet the producers…

And the rest of the gang!

Be sure to check in, as we’ll unveil new members of our ensemble cast throughout the campaign! Come on, we need to give you something to look forward to!

Although technology and an evolving entertainment landscape have made the process easier, it still costs a lot of money to make a movie. Here is how our projected budget breaks down.

According to a recent study by “Cultural Weekly,” the average budget of an independent film is just over $750,000. We think we can pull it off for much, much less — and that’s because every cent we raise is going to end up on screen.

Still, in order to make this movie, with a professional cast and crew, we need to hit our mark.

$56,000 is what we need to produce “lady-like” in its simplest form. However, we don’t want to make this movie in its simplest form, we want to make the best movie possible.

We have high hopes to get big name talent involved with this project and the more we raise, the more we can offer to secure a truly recognizable face in this picture. That means actors and actresses you all know!

In addition, we have some big aspirations for certain parts of the script — we want to include a night scene on the National Mall, a shopping montage on M Street and a canoeing sequence on the Potomac River.  However, permitting for these sort of things tends to be expensive, so we need to keep pushing even after we hit $56,000 in order to achieve these “stretch goals.”

With additional funding, these options and more are on the table.

We are well into pre-production and want to start shooting at the end of May. We already have our post-production house lined up, so our plan is to finish the editing process by August, in time to apply for all the major film festivals.

Still, “lady-like” is a bona fide indie, with no distribution currently in place. However, we’ve keyed in on some of the top North American film festivals — South by Southwest, Sundance,Toronto, Tribeca and Palm Springs. With a strong showing there, we’re hoping to land a distribution deal that’ll lead to a theatrical release and a subsequent video on demand roll out, through a platform such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. We believe that if we continue to work extremely hard and make the best movie possible that our material will speak for itself and, ultimately, reach a broader audience.

Thanks so much for visiting our Kickstarter. We’re beyond excited about this project and hope you are now, too.

If you’d like to contribute, please scroll to the top of the page, click the green button next to our video, choose your reward, and the rest should be like online shopping.

The more backers, the better — that’s how we build an audience, get noticed and secure a spot in a top festival. We’re hoping this platform not only helps us generate the funding we need to create a movie, but also serves as grassroots approach to getting people interested in the film.

So, please help us spread the word!

Risks and challenges

Scheduling, weather, traffic, egos, health, equipment failure, permits — the list goes on. We know what we’re up against and we’re ready for the challenge.

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