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Archived: AirScale : air traveler’s essential – Charge your mobile phone & tablet and manage your baggage weight during your air travel

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AirScale : air traveler’s essential

Charge your mobile phone & tablet and manage your baggage weight during your air travel.

Nowadays, we travel more frequently; for business trip, holidays, visit their loved ones and many other reasons.

The 2 common concerns of many frequent air-travelers are phone battery power and baggage weight.

When one is on the move, it is not easy to find an appropriate place to charge charge the mobile phone during the trip. Another problem is that all, if not most airlines have a limit on the baggage weight and excess baggage is always levied with exorbitant charges.

From that experience of ourselves, we developed AirScale, combining the functions of charging phone battery and luggage scale in a smart and unique way.

AirScale prepares air-travelers for excess weight problem during airport check-in and it can caliberate weights up to 40kg now. In the LCD screen, you can select either kilograms or pounds to be displayed.For charging of mobile phones, AirScale can recharge most mobile phones fully for more than 2 cycles. With a capacity of 5,600mAh consisting of Samsung battery cells, the charging time is 2 times faster than most power banks one find in the market, with currents of 2A (input) and 2.4A (output).What also make AirScale unique is its great design. On the front of AirScale, the display window is not visible when not in use and you are greeted with the beautiful black glossy surface. When the device is in use, the numbers, indicating the battery level and weight will come on in red.

Now measure up to 40kgs!

In the early stage of the development, we set the maximum up to 30kgs. We worked really hard and now AirScale can calibrate up to 40kgs! Yeah!

Many charging batteries in the market mostly have 1A input current.
AirScale has 2A input current so the recharging time is two time faster.

AirScale charged mobile phone with 2.4A output current.
The charging speed becomes the maximum when it charges large screen phones or iPads(tablets)

AirScale has large capacity battery capacity to charge mobile phone and we use the battery cell from Samsung SDI.
AirScale : 5600mAh
iPhone5 : 1560mAh
iPhone6 : 1980mAh
GalaxyS6 : 2550mAh

Need Pound(lb)? Don’t worry.
AirScale can chose between kilograms and pounds.

AirScale can read by 100g of weight
AirScale can read by 1% of battery level accuracy


You will get

  1. Discount : Your perk deserves 30~40% discount from the official price($59.9)
  2. July Shipment : We will ship by July so that you can bring out duringyour summer holiday
  3. Get earliest : Official retain distribution will starts from September.

What we need

  • We need your help sharing the news of airScale.  More backers will helps us to return the favour with additional stretch goals.

We will start to ship from the middle of July.


We are participating Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong in April.
Please visit and cheer us.

Exhibition : Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair
Date : April 18~21 2015
Venue : Asia World Expo, Hong Kong (Next to Hong Hong International Airport)
Company : Lettrino Limited

More convenient, more fun.

Our team “Lettrino limited” was started from the idea

We have a strong technical background in developing solutions and manufacturing consumer electronic devices. Then we realized the improvement of convenience with travel gadgets are stagnant for years while usual consumer gadgets are evolving in a great speed.   So we set our mission to develop “high-tech travel gadgets” to give more convenience and fun to travelers.

AirScale is the world-first product that combines a mobile battery charger and luggage scale into the sleek design. AirScale gives more give more convenience to air travelers.

Lettrino will communicate close with users and improve our travel life together, so we all enjoy our travel.

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
  • Your support of spreading this news will make us enable to set further stretch goals to offer more benefits to backers.


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