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Archived: Sudsy Dough Moldable Bath Soap: An interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and cleansing soap!

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Sudsy Dough Moldable Bath Soap

by Revelae Group LLC

Sudsy Dough is an interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and cleansing soap! Bath time has never been more fun!

About this project

Sudsy Dough™ is a new interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and a cleansing soap!  We created this fun sensory soap to make bath time fun for our daughter who didn’t really enjoy time in the tub. Now she asks for a bath every night!

Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough™ in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make custom-shaped soaps! Sudsy dough shapes will dry to become mini bars of scented soap when left out in open air. Shape the dough into anything you can think up!

Infused with Shea butter and coconut oil, Sudsy Dough™ moisturizes as it cleanses. The anti-fungal properties of the soap base and coconut oil make our soap dough mildew-resistant and the richness of the Shea butter makes Sudsy Dough long-lasting in the tub. A small portion can easily be played with for a 30-minute bath before fully dissolving. Our moldable soap also easily re-moisturizes, even if exposed to the air for days. Just crumble it and knead it with a few drops of water until it returns to a dough consistency. Sudsy Dough has a mild foaming agent that creates suds when run under water. Our soap dough will be available in a variety of fragrances and colors and each ball of Sudsy Dough has a surprise squirt toy hidden inside!

Product Details

  • Squeeze and squish it in the bath
  • Rub it on as a cleansing body wash
  • Make your own custom-shaped soaps
  • Infused with Shea butter & coconut oil
  • Moisturizes as it cleanses
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances and colors
  • Mild foaming agent creates suds
  • Paraben-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free

For Moms Too!

Sudsy Dough™ is a great product to use for shaving or just enjoying it as relaxing aromatherapy. Kneading the dough offers soothing relaxation for tense hand muscles. Sudsy Dough also makes a fun and unique gift!

We formulated Sudsy Dough™ in our kitchen until our recipe was perfect. Now we are ready to introduce this awesome product to your family and we are absolutely stoked to get started so we can develop a full product line of scented soap dough, gift sets, an Aromatherapy line, and Limited Edition holiday fragrances! For a sneak peek into the future of Sudsy Dough, check out our Shimmer and Geode stretch goal sets (below)!

Here are all the ways you can support our project!

Project Timeline  

April 2015: 30-day Kickstarter campaign
May 2015: If funding goal is reached manufacturing begins
June 2015: Sudsy Dough first batch produced and completed
July 2015: Kickstarter pledge orders fulfilled and shipped

We’ve put together some creative Sudsy Sets exclusively for our Kickstarter Campaign! These fun add-ons are our way of saying thanks for helping to spread the word about Sudsy Dough moldable soap! These sets will only be available if we meet each stretch goal!

$15,000 Stretch Goal – Sudsy Shimmer Set

If we reach $15,000 in Kickstarter support pledges, we will be able to offer our Sudsy Dough Shimmer™ add-on set! This awesome set features four colors and four fragrances chosen especially for girls who love sparkle! Each ball of soap dough is infused with a dusting of cosmetic-grade glitter. Plus each ball has a hidden dress-up ring inside! Want to know the fragrances? Help us unlock this goal by spreading the word about Sudsy Dough and we’ll announce our exclusive Shimmer Scents!

$20,000 Stretch Goal – Sudsy Geodes Set

Calling all excavators! What color will you find inside your Sudsy Dough Geode? Our exclusive Sudsy Geodes Set™ includes four balls of scented soap dough with a second surprise color and fragrance inside! Possible combinations could include Pineapple-Orange, Straw-Blackberry, Lime-Coconut and more! This add-on will be unlocked if we reach our $20,000 stretch goal.

$30,000 Stretch Goal – Aromatherapy Set™

Just in case we haven’t shared enough excitement, we are stoked to introduce our Sudsy Aromatherapy™ line, which we will make available if we reach $30,000 in Kickstarter support! Ladies, this one’s for you! We hope we will be able to offer our soothing essential oil infused therapeutic soap dough very soon!

We need your help to make our family-invented soap dough available to families everywhere! We are excited to share our project with you, and we hope your kids will have just as much fun as ours have, playing with Sudsy Dough in the bath!

About the Creators

Andy and Katie Wallace are also the founders of the Revelae Group LLC and Yummi Pouch snack time products.

We have always been inspired by creating niche products that help make people’s lives easier and fun. Our own life raising two young daughters often sparks many of our product ideas. We are passionate about serving people, pursing adventures together, and creating solutions to life’s challenges. We had the privileged to launch our own brand of kids mealtime products in 2012, fulfilling orders to tens of thousands of customers in the first year and carving our own niche in the very competitive children’s industry.

We are so excited to introduce Sudsy Dough, another innovative product we feel will meet another need for families in helping make bath time fun and more relaxing — just what kids need right before bed! Thanks for your interest in our project! We are very excited to see what the future holds for Sudsy Dough!

– Andy and Katie

Packaging Mockups

Risks and challenges

We are excited to add Sudsy Dough to our existing line of successful kids products. Our family has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and product development. We are confident we will be able to bring our NEW! Sudsy Dough™ product line to market within our expected time frames.

If any delays or challenges do come up or circumstances occur that are out of our control, our Kickstarter Supporters will be the first to know and we will provide ongoing updates until each support pledge is fulfilled.

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