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Shout Live, Inc: Where Fans Win – Shout has built a global, virtual stadium for fans of live events, enabling advertisers to reach fans in 182 countries, Fans win prizes

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Shout Live, Inc


Shout Live, Inc

Where Fans Win

Shout Live, Inc is raising $10,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • Real Madrid is worth $3.5B and has chosen Shout to engage their fans.
  • There are 196 countries in the world, Shout has users in 182 of them.
  • Shout reaches 110 million social followers twice weekly via FB and TW.


Shout has built a global, virtual stadium for fans of live events. This digital stadium enables advertisers to reach fans in 182 countries. Fans win prizes. Shout advertisers win new customers.


Shout is an engaging mobile application that fans play during and in between live matches. Shout makes it possible to do live event and daily quizzing of followers and to incentivize followers to play for prizes. Shout is a free-to-download, free-to-play, no purchase necessary to win app and consists of games of skill and knowledge. Shout is available to play on mobile phones by downloading the App from Apple and Android App Stores. Shout is also available via HTML5 mode which means Shout can be played from any phone, computer or gaming console that has a browser and an internet connection.

Shout Live, Inc. recently landed a 3 year deal with Real Madrid, the world’s premiere sports brand. Real Madrid has over 500 million global fans with direct social media connections into 110 million of those fans. Real Madrid’s social following has been increasing for the last year at over 2 million additional followers coming on line per month. Shout has marketing rights to post to these 110 million followers 2 times per month for 3 years. Shout has built a version of its app that is directly playable from a Facebook or Twitter post. Shout has users in 182 countries around the world, Shout players in over 100 countries have won prizes.

Shout is now partnering with other companies in Spain, UK, Turkey, US and more in order to capitalize on the global footprint that it has been able to create through the Real Madrid relationship. Shout is also creating a global version based in Malta that will become a giant magnet for anyone in the world who has one of the world’s 3 billion smart phones. Users will be able to play for fun, significant prizes and cash.

What is Shout’s passion?

Mobile marketing is underdeveloped and slow to adapt to the growing numbers of mobile users and the time they spend on mobile devices. Facebook, Twitter and other mobile apps struggle with mobile advertising because viewing an ad is a distraction to the main experience. With SHOUT, the advertiser/sponsor becomes the center of attention since fans are competing for the giveaway that is also the brand.

Michael Jordan has an agent. Tiger Woods has an agent. Who is the agent of the Fan? That would be Shout.

Shout’s passion is to be the virtual agent of fans to transact millions and ultimately billions of advertiser dollars in prizes, Bitcoin, PayPal cash and deals to fans worldwide while simultaneously making big money for marketers. Our technology enables us to execute on this promise, our passion for sports and social commerce helps seal the deal. Shout becomes a win/win for fans and brand marketers.

Who is Shout’s primary demographic?

  • Age: 18-40 year olds who have a smart phone or tablet
  • Sports Fans: Watch sports in the Living Room, Sports Bar or Stadium
  • Online Buyers: Internet commerce users (Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, iTunes, etc.)
  • Social: Active on social network channels: Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Competitive: Enjoy competing for FREE branded prizes and cash How does Shout work? Shout is a “second screen” application enabling users around live and trending events to participate in the event, whether at the venue, at home in front of their television, computer screen or via a mobile device. Shout has the ability to push questions to massively large audiences and to process answers at lightning speed; thus making the engagement more interesting and sticky (meaning people stay at it and keep playing). When fans play along and answer these quiz questions, this is known as a gameplay.

A Shoutcaster can be a sports team, a celebrity, a public figure or a broadcaster. The Shoutcaster frames not just the questions, but helps to ensure intelligent engagement with followers. When a Shoutcaster creates questions and sends them out to fans during live events, this is known as a “Shoutcast.”

Each Shout game has a series of prizes that fans may win. Question prizes are awarded to fans that respond correctly and quickly to questions during a Shoutcast. Other prizes may be won by answering the most prizes correctly and accumulating points on a global leaderboard during a Shoutcast. Yet other prizes may be won by winning a one-on-one challenge against a random fan during an event that includes a “Champions Challenge.” Fans may increase the level of their one-on-one prize by moving up through various levels in a Champions Challenge that spans multiple events or matches.

The type of prizes that can be earned for the above fan challenges can range from retailer gift cards, consumer electronics, motorcycles and/or cars on the high
end. Fans can also win prizes tied to REAL MADRID, such as gear, tickets and meet and greet opportunities.

How does Shout make money?

Shout has two key revenue drivers: 1. In-app powerup purchases, 2. Sponsor and advertising fees. Shout is a free to download app that has additional features that can be unlocked for as little as $.99 per game. Users can also purchase monthly passes that give additional benefits for $9.99 per month. The powerup features become very popular once users understand how they work and are therefore made available for free during an introductory period. As a money making example, if all global Real Madrid users purchased a game pass for $.99, we would split $500 million with Real Madrid with our revenue share agreement for just one game. That is obviously a market opportunity number but even if only 2% of those fans buy in, we would still be collecting $10 million per game, 60 times per season.

Shout is built from the ground up to be an advertiser’s haven. The primary reason advertisers benefit from Shout is due to the prizes that are awarded that typically carry the brand of various sponsors. Shout engages users for 3.14 hours on average during a Shout Gameplay. During this significantly long period of interaction with Shout, advertisers get not only strong levels of branding but also direct activation marketing through the Shout Deal Campaign Manager technology. Real Madrid has been named by Forbes Magazine as the most valuable sports team in the world at over $3.5 Billion. Emirates pays Real Madrid $200 million over 5 seasons to be their jersey sponsor. Shout has the opportunity to sell advertising space in the app as the Real Madrid brand. The inventory for those ad sales is in the 8 figures annually that we would split with Real Madrid.

The above numbers speak only to the Real Madrid opportunity. FC Barcelona is next in the queue. Ultimately, the plan is to become the destination for fans globally to follow their teams during and between live matches.

Shout Resources:

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Real Madrid apps:


Shout reaches over 4.5 million app users.


Shout reaches over 110 million social media followers on Facebook and Twitter without friction — no need to download the app.


Shout has users in 182 countries around the world.


Shout players in over 100 countries have won prizes.



Jim Phipps

Jim Phipps


Jim is Chairman of Shout TV, Inc., Co-Chairman of Sheffield United Football Club and Principal Advisor to a prominent Saudi entrepreneur.
Darl McBride

Darl McBride

Chief Executive Officer & President

Darl McBride is an entrepreneur and CEO of Shout TV, Inc. Shout is a mobile app platform that engages fans and advertisers during live events. Recently, Real Madrid partnered with Shout as the engagement app to connect its 110 million social media followers during live matches. Since launching, Shout now has users in 182 countries around the world and is on its way to becoming “The Place Where Fans Win” during live events. McBride has been the CEO of several successful startups after a strong 8 year run as an executive at networking leader Novell. He is also well known as the former CEO of SCO where he took on computer giant IBM in an intellectual property legal battle. The case is widely considered one of the top 10 technology battles of all time and remains open in the 10th District Federal Court. McBride graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brigham Young University with a degree in Sociology and then earned a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While at the University of Illinois McBride was awarded a fellowship. He is fluent in Japanese and spent two years in Japan as a missionary for the Mormon Church. Recognitions have included: “Top Twenty Computer Executives to Watch”, “Top Twenty Five Computer Executives”, and “Top 100 Irish Americans”. McBride was also spotlighted as a leading CEO in New York Times Columnist Eve Tahmincioglu’s book “From Sandbox to Corner Office.” McBride is married to Andrea Kimball McBride and they have 7 children. He loves sports, traveling and Nissan GTR’s.
Matt Nagel

Matt Nagel

VP of Marketing at SHOUT TV

Graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in Advertising from Chapman University. Specialties: advertising, business strategy, marketing materials, meeting facilitation, Microsoft Office, presentation skills, research analysis
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Jim Phipps

Strategic Advisor, Entrepreneur

Jim is Chairman of Shout TV, Inc., Co-Chairman of Sheffield United Football Club and Principal Advisor to a prominent Saudi entrepreneur.Read More
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Darl McBride


Darl McBride is an entrepreneur and CEO of Shout TV, Inc. Shout is a mobile app platform that engages fans and advertisers during live events. Recently, Rea…Read More
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