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Omnigram, Inc. – The Safe Social Cloud for Kids & Families Around the World

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Omnigram, Inc.

Omnigram, Inc.

The Safe Social Cloud for Kids & Families Around the World

Omnigram, Inc. is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • The Safe Social Network for Kids and Families Around the World . . .
  • At 500 M Internet-connected Kids, this is the largest untapped market.
  • Curated, parent-controlled message content w/ language translations.


There are nearly 500 million Internet-connected kids worldwide under the age of 13. Omnigram will provide a safe and secure messaging and media network to kids, parents and trusted kids’ sites.


  • Funding Goal $500,000
  • Current Reservations $25,000
  • Minimum Reservation $5,000
  • Interest (% per year) 8.00%
  • Term Length (Months) 36 months
  • Valuation Cap N/A
  • Conversion Discount (%) 20%
  • Warrant Coverage (%) N/A
  • Open Date 01/05/2015
  • Closing Date 04/30/2015



The Safe Social Network for Kids Around the World

Responding to the recent explosive adoption of tablets and smartphones worldwide by 500+ million children below the age of 13 – Omnigram will provide a safe and secure messaging and media network to kids, parents and trusted providers of kids’ content and services.

A safe social site for kids and families online – Omnigram will be the parent-trusted alternative to unsafe social media sites and mobile texting – curated for clean language and content, translated between cultures and open sourced to all trusted kids’ sites and apps.


Omnigram’s mission is to provide a global private cloud where kids and their families may safely exchange messages, tweets, pictures, videos, etc. with protective oversight from parents and educators.


Omnigram’s purpose is to provide a range of safely networked multimedia services, accessible to kids, families and classrooms, and also accessible from the many legacy kids’ web sites and mobile apps.


Our goal is to be the worldwide solution to the private and safe exchange of all forms of messages and media between kids and families of all nations and cultures.

Omnigram is not;

. . . in the business of providing games, videos, or other entertainment or educational content for kids. Those needs are well served by the many existing kids’ web sites.

The Market

There are 1.7 billion kids in the world under the age of 14. Half of them live below the poverty level. This leaves approximately 850 million kids in the developed nations that are potential consumers of tablet and smartphone services. At this time, more than half of those kids – nearly 500 million – already have a smart mobile device. More importantly, they also have affluent parents with credit cards whose concerns over their children’s online safety creates a potentially large economic engine that is yet to be tapped.

The Problem

For the lack of a safe social network that meets the needs of children, they have turned by the millions to the unsafe and limited popular social media services like Facebook, Instagram, etc. As younger children watch their teenage siblings and parents use social media services, they can only participate by turning to the same unsafe services, in spite of the dangers and their parent’s disapproval. At these high risk sites their personal information is exposed to inappropriate advertising, predators, and other exploits.

The child’s online experience is also currently fragmented by legacy kids’ sites that focus on games, sports, hobbies, pets, fashion, etc. – but provide almost no messaging.

Driven by parental concerns, Congress created COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) that requires the protection and parental consent of the use of personal information of children under the age of 13.

Very few children’s web sites and none of the social media sites are COPPA compliant.

The Opportunity

  • The kids’ online family space is the largest remaining untapped market segment on the Internet.
  • There are 500+ million children worldwide below the age of 13 with handhelds, and their parents with Credit Cards with a growing concern for their children’s safety online.
  • The opportunity for a private, parent-curated and feature-rich social media service for kids and families has emerged in the past three years and remains unmet.
  • Omnigram will make money from premium service bundles (~$ 5.00 mo/child), advertising to parents, kids merchandise shared revenues,and other sources as the market develops.

Meeting Market Needs

Omnigram will provide an omnibus set of messaging services that curate all content with parental oversight. The account relationship with be jointly with the child and parent; further protected by avatar aliases that mask all personal information across all messages.

  • Utilizing advanced security technologies, all activity will be encrypted while the “Private Family Cloud” – for family and invited friends only – will provide a safe equivalent to the highly exposed Facebook Wall.
  • Jifigram messages will enable freemium incentive programs to draw kids and parents to Omnigram.
  • A secure and curated interface to Twitter will open the Twitter world safely to underage kids while protecting them from unwanted or dangerous tweet content.
  • Secure texting – with parental controls and translations – will supplant the unsafe mobile texting plans from Verizon, ATT, etc.
  • All kids messaging coming and going will be reflected back to parents and all kids’ online activity, external to Omnigram, will also be trackable by parents.
  • Automated translations between many languages will expand the cultural awareness and growth opportunities for kids while encouraging language learning through the messaging network.
  • While Omnigram may be considered a competitive threat to a few legacy kids’ web sites, an open source API will allow trusted kids’ sites and apps to connect via the Omnigram network, benefiting from the curated messaging services and translations, and sharing revenue from click and advertising activity.


The size and economic potential of the kids’ messaging market has been proven by the millions of kids on the many social media sites, however the safety needs of children and families have been left behind. An investment in Omnigram is an investment in the future potential of the worldwide kids’ market online that today is extremely large but remains untapped.

Management’s exit strategy is the sale of the company, or an IPO, within five years.


George Sidman

George Sidman

CEO & Chairman

George Sidman is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year track record in launching and growing successful software and Internet companies. His technology experience spans large-scale library and information automation, commercial ISP services, and Internet security and privacy technologies. Between 2004 and early 2011 he was the Founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Architect of WebLOQ, Inc. and he is the inventor of the patented WebLOQ secure Internet communications technology.
Shelley A Aliotti

Shelley A Aliotti

Omnigram VP Artistic Director / Board Member

Shelley’s vision and years of hard work – along with her husband, John – are the foundation of the Omnigram concept and the many accomplishments to date. She is a talented artist in her own right as a Graphics Designer, photographer and created a line of children’s products.  She and John own and operate the Carmel Valley Art Association®, a local fine art gallery in the Carmel Valley Village. In 1995 she wrote, designed and published a children’s book (My Pen Pal Scrapbook,) to help promote cross-cultural interaction between children around the world. She lectured nationally at schools and educational conferences establishing an international Pen Pal Kids Club. Considerable work was then done towards a television series, based on the book. However, as the Internet took off and became mainstream, Shelley & John evolved the online model for kids to communicate internationally, which resulted in the creation of Pen Pal Kids Club online, and ultimately evolved to the mobile and social concepts that drive the Omnigram concept.
Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson

VP Marketing and Sales

30 years in sales, sales management, business development, marketing, consulting and sales training in the technology business in Australia, EMEA and 13 years in Silicon Valley. Established Advanced Marketing Concepts sales and marketing consultancy business in UK in 2004, relocated back to Silicon Valley in late 2010 to help companies achieve three major objectives; 1. Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment to create clarity to connect with buyers and drive buyer-relevant sales conversations. 2. Implementing the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform for improved lead generation and marketing ROI 3. Sales enablement and storytelling training
Robin Russell

Robin Russell

Director, Educational Outreach

Robin Russell began her career in communications working for a major American broadcasting company. Her televised program interviewed local, national and international cultural and political leaders. Insurance – Robin moved into the insurance market for the next 15 years, where her team out-performed all other regions, and she became the top producer worldwide in 1988. Robin won the company’s highest achievements and the first woman in the company’s near century old history to achieve this distinction. Community – Robin has contributed to community and environment by leading marketing, fundraising, and development activities at Stanford University, Cantor Arts Center; Menlo Park School. Robin received the Key to the City Award from the Town of Atherton for her contributions to public art in 2002. Education Sector – From 2004-2006 Robin was the Director of Marketing and Development for St Leonards School in St Andrews. She led the Independent School’s efforts to re-position itself through a new image, business messaging, and collateral development. St Leonards was voted Scottish Independent School of the Year in 2005. Admarco – Robin has been a director in Admarco – Advanced Marketing Concepts since 2004 and has co-developed the company’s Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement program and successfully implemented this dynamic process in a broad spectrum of business sectors. Robin is involved in community affairs and supports the arts; she has been on the Board of Directors for Youth Arts Collective, Monterey, California, for the past several years. Education US- Ohio State University US- Stanford Graduate School of Business UK- University of Oxford


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Dan Corcoran

Senior Privacy and Security Advisor

Dan has a broad range of management experience in all aspects of cybersecurity operations, customer service, engineering, architecture, and risk management.Read More
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Wendy Sue Noah

Social Media With A Conscience

Started Match.Com in a San Francisco basement, and have been a start-up maniac ever since. Check out my website at: www.WendySueNoah.comRead More
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Marc Warshaw

Systems Integration and Process Design

Marc Warshaw has been at the forefront of the high technology, telecommunications and wireless industries for over 25 years. His clients and projects have i…Read More
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