Apr 1, 2015 11:52 AM ET

Archived: NOSP – The Portable No-Spill Food and Beverage Holder, NO More Spills!: Keep your beverages where they belong

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 1, 2015

NOSP  – The Portable No-Spill Food and Beverage Holder, NO More Spills!

Keep your beverages where they belong: in your cups & cans, and not where they don’t: your couch.

We have all faced the dilemma of food and beverage holding while sitting on a couch –  we put our cups/glasses/bowls either far on a table that is inconvenient to reach or on the Sofa and risk spilling.

 Need is the mother of Invention and by understanding the need, we designed the Solution. Something that is thoughtful, comfortable and in style.

We managed a steady, comfortable and in style solution that allows you to place your Cup, Glass or Beer + Bowl(popcorn-chips) + Napkin with confidence in an easy to reach way. NOSP also provides a space to store in-need items: remote controls … Perfect for game day! movie night!

NOSP allows everyone to enjoy a comfortable and convenient viewing experience no matter which is your spot on the sofa.

NOSP is portable allowing for various ways of beverage and food selections that meets your needs.

NOSP is Glass and Bowl friendly with transparent plastic padding on the inside edges of the glass and bowl cuts for added protection.

 We need your support to make this dream become a reality. Tooling is expensive, but hand in hand we can make NOSP available for everyone.

Risks and challenges

Where we already took almost 8 months of study, design and prototyping, with your support we can expedite the process. We have partnered with a local manufacturer for tooling and production to avoid long duration and shipping costs and put the money where it is needed the most. We estimate a delivery early July, 2015, but to assure quality we might deliver on Aug., 2015.

Risks are always there, but we are ready to tackle them.

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