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Archived: Monitor My Meds: Easy to use and inexpensive tools for caregivers to help seniors remain independent

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Monitor My Meds

Denver, CO 80246, US

Products / Services

Communication Service

The service manages elderly and/or complicated medication routines as well as confirmation of healthcare activities and wellness calls. It requires and tracks responses to personal pre-recorded telephone messages that call the patient/client at the appropriate times. The calls deliver either a recorded personal message, a standard message, or a text-to-speech message typed by the caregiver/family member. The system calls the patient/client and uses voice recognition software to capture the response and if immediate help is needed. The need for a response helps establish routines about medication adherence and other activities without the caregiver being physically present. The service also provides adherence data and has an alert monitoring function to notify caregivers or other stakeholders via SMS and Email of the response. Based on the protocol established by the family or caregiver follow up can be initiated as needed.


Chief Executive Officer
Marc Geman

Mr. Geman has over 40 years experience as an attorney and entrepreneur. Mr. Geman was a private securities lawyer specializing in regulatory and civil matters. In 1993 he purchased PretzelMaker, a five-unit chain, which grew to 250 units and sold to Mrs. Fields Cookies. From 2000 to 2003 Mr. Geman served as the CEO of EnergyMizer, a company that produced an energy saving device for soft drink vending machines that was acquired by USA Technologies, a public company. In 2003 Mr. Geman began to work with the founders of Spicy Pickle, a fast casual sandwich shop as they pursued a franchise model, serving as CEO from 2004 until 2010. For the past 3 years Mr. Geman has been working with a medication management device company and attending healthcare and “aging in place” related trade shows and conferences and investigating what caregivers need to help care for the growing senior population and those with complicated medication regimes.


Funding Goal: $1,000,000

Funding Type: Equity

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