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Archived: L’Kingsley: High Quality Jewellery Watches – We have created a series of valuable limited edition watches through careful design, vigorous selection and artistic polish

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L’Kingsley – High Quality Jewellery Watches

THREE Series. Story of Passion, Energy and Triumph

Before presenting the campaign and our watches, we would like to thank you all for visiting this page! We hope you come to love this project as much as we do and are motivated to become a part of our journey.

Our Story

The birth of L’Kingsley jewellery is a story of a group of college students, art designers and budding engineers who got together one day and decided that rather than spending what little cash they had on drinks and entertainment, they should instead pool together their collective resources and talents and start a business. What kind of business? Why luxury watches of course. Why watches? Well as it turned out not only did we know a great deal about them, we also happened to really, really like watches. So over the coming months of wrangling the gritty details, strategies, proposals, general blueprints and pie-in-the-sky fantasies a consensus began to emerge, and with it a vision. A vision we believe has the legs to make it to the global market and maybe, just maybe, transform the watch industry for the better.

You see our one burning desire is to bring to the world high quality, fashionable jewellery watches – for ladies of style. There’s always that one moment in your life that you decide to buy a high quality watch that you hope will last you more than a year. When this moment arrives, we usually quickly realize that it’s next to impossible for us to attain due to the pesky budget. This is the reason why we created L’ Kingsley – an upstart purveyor of fine luxury watches. We have spent months working on designs trying to fit the best crystals and materials together whilst working on the intricate mechanical details. Now finally we are poised to unveil our hard work and share some timepieces of real worth and calibre.

With your help this project will kick off in a big way! We know that getting the watch-lover community on board with this will be key to our future success. We love quality watches and we love high fashion, and more importantly we love offering both these things at prices the average person can afford. We’re here for the long haul and we feel confident that once support begins coming in our vision is fast going to become a reality.

The Materials

Sourced from Russia, all our crystals are of exquisite quality, clear, clean cut and with a rated hardness of 8.3 on the Mohs scale. All crystals are produced according to world class ideal proportions, following the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ cut design and certified by skilled professionals using rigorous selection criteria.The ‘Hearts and Arrows’ cut enables superior optical symmetry, polish and a specific faceting pattern on the Crystal, resulting in a near perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face up position, called a ‘crown’, and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table down position, called a ‘pavilion’. Poetically the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ also implies the eight artistic conceptions of love, signalling romantic intent and the fidelity of the wearer.

In keeping with our mission to produce affordable luxury and elegance, every single piece of Kingsley jewellery is collocated and hand-mounted by experienced craftsmen using painstakingly detailed methods. Crystal by Kingsley has been polished to perfection, allowing every piece to radiate a mesmerizing inner sparkle, boosting your self-image and comforting you with the knowledge that you’re wearing real quality.

The Watches

If there’s one imperative we operate by it’s the insistence on the principle of “little quantity, high quality”. We have created a series of valuable limited edition watches through careful design, vigorous selection and artistic polish. We’ve worked very hard on this brand, and we want to be sure that you have a watch that:

  • Screams style and elegance
  • Has a reliable Quartz movement
  • Is made of the best quality materials
  • Is a hand crafted piece of real quality

To this end we have created a number of watch-lines of various styles to better suit the more sophisticated customer.

(Please view the Gallery for photos in original size)


“Royal” implies prestige and the mark of a premier product. This watch-line boasts a pleasing fusion of diamond design and highly skilled craftsmanship which has resulted in these exquisite examples. The watch strap is double the normal size range to accommodate the larger jewel features and should prove highly popular amongst discerning women of all ages.


The surface of the “Dynasty” range is decorated by clusters of Russian crystals which accentuate the patterned straps perfectly. The subtle polished edge setting of the crystals are carefully handset in order to overlap slightly, resulting in a sculptural yet smooth finish that allows the purity and brilliance of these incredible stones to shine through.

Angel’s Love

This line is for the lovers and romantics. It may seem like a typical arrangement of a delicate hollow strap with a flower or heart shaped watch face, but is so skilfully linked together and composed of such ultra-light metals that it evokes the delicate weight and balance of a piece of lace. A perfect gift for an Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day or a spontaneous gesture of love.

These carefully selected gemstones are meticulously set in the company’s London based workshops, where each piece is assessed to insure superlative quality.

Delight comes from being with the people you love, as well as the confidence and comfort that only high fashion can provide. Every timepiece of Angel’s Love is a work of art.

Specifications of the watches

  • Quartz Movement (Made in Japan)
  • Functions: Hours, minutes and second
  • Water Resistant for 30m
  • Jewels: 60~266 Jewels
  • Hand-mounted ‘Crystal by Kingsley’ originated from Russia
  • Rose gold or Platinum-coated Strap
  • Thickness of dial: 7 mm
  • Diameter of dial: 17 – 28 mm
  • Length of watch: 290 – 360 mm
(For detailed specifications of each model, please refer to the Gallery)

The Packaging

All watches come with practical packaging. The package contains all the tools you’ll ever need to get your watch ready to wear in just a few seconds. This utilitarian box has perfect dimensions and will fit nicely into your drawer, your briefcase, or your purse.


In the past year we have made some real strides in seeing this project come to fruition. After spending most of 2014 designing and refining our models we finally constructed the first prototype in December and subsequently made it through all the required testing. Since then we have assembled our first collection and once we know that production can be funded for the future we’ll begin shipping our pioneer edition to customers.

The Funds

Why Use Crowdfunding ?

Simply put, this is one of the best ways to launch a new product. Thanks to the Indiegogo platform, we can discuss everything with you easily (comments, updates, social networks, mail). We aim to work closely with our community by giving you regular updates and answering you as fast as we are able.

Social media networks are teeming with potential customers and fans which is why we will be focusing heavily in this area. At the end of the day we think we have products which people will genuinely love! We have no doubt that if you help us achieve our objectives in the coming months this company will not only be able to deliver on our promises but open up the playing field for luxury watches in a meaningful way.

Here’s exactly how your money will help us:

  • The funds we receive will be used directly at all stages of the manufacturing process, creating new prototypes and doing all the vigorous testing that is required to pass the high standards we demand of our products.
  • Shipping costs for buyers such as yourself. Our samples are ready and waiting to go, but we want to create as much buzz about these watches as we can. First come first serve!
  •  Any additional funds will be used to produce new products. Creating new designs is a lengthy and fund consuming process, it isn’t cheap or easy and it needs real resources to accomplish.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, recruiting new members to our team enables us to accelerate the delivery time and will also help us create new collections if we raise enough.
  • There are also additional fees we need to consider, such as regulatory licenses and taxes, cost of transportation, storage, the photography and modelling required for advertising, development and maintenance costs for our website, Paypal and transaction fees.
  • Then there’s the additional funds we have earmarked for our planned second collection.

How can you help us?

To achieve our goal of creating a second collection, we need your help in three main ways:

· Ordering our watches by clicking on the right side of the campaign to choose the offer you want.

· Giving us feedback via comments and messages. We want to know what worked for you and what needs improvement.

· Sharing our campaign using the buttons that you can find on the left side or on the top of the page. (Share on Facebook on Twitter and Send Email of the project)

 Any Risks?

If we don’t succeed in reaching the minimal amount of £5 000 for launching the production, you will still receive your watch(es). The only risk will be a delay in production. We are working with the best factories, but even if we are a developing brand, we’re also customers, so we’re dependent on the factories. We know there are a lot of attractive projects out there, but we hope that if push comes to shove you will help us for a second time.

 FAQ (Frequently Asked                 Questions)

1 – How do I buy?

On the right side of the campaign, you can see the price of each model. Each watch has a reference (KW001RY for example). Please refer to the gallery to see which reference is for which watch. You then need to email us your order (cs@kingsley-london.com) complete with quantity.

2 – When will I receive my watch?

We will do our best to start the shipment in August 2015. The estimated delivery time is August 2015. This may vary depending on your location.

(Delivery time of rewards/perks are subject to best efforts and are not guaranteed.)

3 – Do you ship worldwide and how much does it cost ?

We ship worldwide and the shipping is free.

4 – Are there any extra fees ?

The watches themselves are manufactured and assembled in Hong Kong, in the best factories we could find. We have to ship from there, and because of this, the customs in your country may stop your package and tax it around 15%. We are already offering free shipping costs and the customs are different for each country so we cannot refund you for the customs fees.

5 – I just bought a watch, and I regret doing so. Can you refund me ?

Regarding the terms of Indiegogo, we will not refund you. When you make a contribution to our project, we use the money to pay commissions to both Indiegogo and Paypal, and for the production of the watch you bought. We launched the production of the watch because you bought it. If you help us with a contribution, be sure you want it, because we will not refund you. (Terms of Indiegogo)

6 – I have another question. How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is by commenting on the project, or sending us mail at cs@kingsley-london.com. From there, we will answer you within 48 hours. If you don’t receive an answer, feel free to write us again to remind us to answer you. We may be busy, or we may simply forget—after all, we are only human. You can also contact us on our social networks.

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