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Kowloon Bay Brewery (Hong Kong): Bringing the craft beer revolution to Hong Kong and beyond!

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Kowloon Bay Brewery (Hong Kong)

Kowloon Bay Brewery (Hong Kong)

Bringing the craft beer revolution to Hong Kong and beyond!

Kowloon Bay Brewery (Hong Kong) is raising $1,200,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


Why We Started This Company

Our vision is to bring the population of China a brand that means great taste, fun and a feeling of affluence. Today’s Hong Kong is the perfect place and time to take advantage of the growing interest and consumption of premium beer in the China market. The current market is dominated by big multi-national breweries making or importing mass produced predominantly lager style beers. We will provide products that are 1) fresh and preservative free, 2) locally produced and 3) diverse in styles.

What Sets Us Apart

The opportunity for Kowloon Bay Brewery is to focus on differentiation. Much of that differentiation will be coming from product variety along with the key aspects of quality and freshness. Most important of all, however, especially in the initial ex-pat market, we want to invoke the memory of beers from back home . Our focus will be having them associate our products to good memories of their own homelands.

Our Keys To Success

Keys to our success are: 1) providing variety of beers that are not readily accessible in the current craft beer market here, 2) Expansion of our reach into China within 18 months and 3) follow our expansion and target market strategy while partnering with selected craft breweries in our expansion markets to lift our brand awareness.


Established Kowloon Bay Brewery (KBB) as a limited company in Hong Kong


Full market research for Hong Kong and neighboring countries completed, as well as gathering resources required.

MARCH, 2014

RFP for brewery set-up completed.

JULY, 2014

Secured booth space for Beertopia event in Hong Kong!

MARCH, 2015


Ging Van

Ging Van


Mike Bardill

Mike Bardill



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Cara Judd

Graphic Designer


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Jiali Osadzinski



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