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Apr 1, 2015 10:42 AM ET

Archived: InDent Watchcase ….Always On …Distinctively! – A case design that allows instant access to the time even if your phone battery dies

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 1, 2015

InDent Watchcase ….Always On …Distinctively!

Less Tech….More Time

The InDent Watchcase is today’s most innovative smart phone case created for the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6+  models. It is sure to be a conversation piece when you show it to your friends. This innovative, durable case features one of many distinctive watch pieces that function independently from all phone applications. The InDent Watchcase offers you:

  • A solid, durable construction for enhanced protection of your phone.
  • A case design that allows instant access to the time even if your phone battery dies.
  • A watch that can be viewed at any time without disrupting any social or business meeting situations.
  • Preservation of the phone’s battery life because you no longer need to turn on your phone to check the time.
  • The “Nite Touch” feature that offers light for night viewing; ALL of the watchcases will have the Nite Touch feature!
  • Multiple, stylish graphics appealing to your individual taste. The graphic Collection designs will be available on all phone models that we offer. 

Traditional watch elegance with awesome graphic options integrated in a durable case…..

Welcome to the world of the InDent Watchcase!


From the “Classic Clocks” Collection – the Big Ben (with the Nite Touch feature shown; available on all Collection styles) and Horoscope cases  (iPhone 5 version)


“InDent Watchcase’s Vision is to merge the simplicity of the traditional watch with an iPhone protective case, while providing a useful function and elegant designs that are unique to you. As a distinctive statement piece, it shows we are never afraid to color outside the lines.” 


From the “Designer” Collection 

Sport  (iPhone 6 version)

Gold (iPhone 5 version)

Lucent (iPhone 5 version)

Why the InDent Watchcase?

We decided it was time to add pizazz to the functionality of today’s boring iPhone cases! Inspired by the modern watch craze, we created the InDent Watchcase by working closely with designers to integrate a self-contained watch into the back cover of an iPhone case. This beautifully designed watch piece makes it easier to check the time without having to turn on your phone, which just wastes valuable phone battery and interrupts your social or business meetings. Now you can check the time whenever you want because the InDent Watchcase is not only beautiful and stylish, it also expands the functionality of your phone case!

The InDent Watchcase comes with many distinctive and beautiful design options within 5 different collections: Nature, Spiritual, Classic Clocks and the Designer Collections . You may contribute to our campaign and receive one or more of these designs in the Perks section of our campaign. We will be expanding on these as we grow!

Once you receive your InDent Watchcase, please let us know what you think. We also welcome any design and functionality ideas that you may have. Thanks for your time and interest in the InDent Watchcase!

From the “Spiritual” Collection – the iChing and Yantra cases (Both iPhone 5  versions)


From the “Nature Collection” – SunSurf (iPhone 5 version)

From the “Art Collection”: V-Man (iPhone 5 version)

Use of Funds

All of our funds will go to expenses directly associated with design, production and delivery of the InDent Watchcases to our intial customers.

“On the Street” 

What people are saying about us!

 “Cell Phone” Regional Store Manager – Very Innovative – Nothing Like It!
Monte Blanc Salesperson – Trendy/Edgy… I Love It!
Apple Phone Repairman – Checking Time All of the Time!

Project Schedule 



1. Time of delivery –  Our plan is to ship the case to our supporters in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

2. Warranty – We will have a limited manufacturing warranty if the InDent Watchcase is broken during shipping.

3. Choice of graphics – We’ll introduce new collections of graphics to select from, always trying to create “out of the box” designs.

4. Battery – The InDent Watchcase is powered by a long-life battery that is easily replaced.

5. Time change – The InDent Watchcase has its own stem and crown to allow you to change the time when needed.

6. Durability – We are selecting high standard watch components that have proven durability.

7. Case –Our case will be designed to protect both the watch and your phone.

8. Functions independent of iPhone – The InDent Watchcase does not rely on iPhone apps or power; it is totally independent.

9. Future models – We are initially releasing iPhone 5, 5s and 6 models. We will also release a 6+ model as market demand grows.


We feel very good about the acceptance of the InDent Watchcase but there are risks. These risks include, but are not limited to:

·  Market Acceptance – while we have completed substantial market research, there is no guarantee that the InDent Watchcase will have broad acceptance.

·  Working Capital Requirements – there may be large working capital requirements which will require a more substantial capital investment.

·  Distribution –  There is no guarantee that our targeted channels will be willing to partner with InDent Watchcase.

·  Patent Protection – we have applied for and have certification for both Design and Utility patents.

·  Competition – there is no guarantee that others will not introduce concepts similar to InDent Watchcase’s.

·  Pricing – we are assuming certain prices for our products but have no assurance that the market will accept these pricing assumptions.

·  Production Schedule – unknown design or production issues could delay the introduction of our products.


There are many ways to contribute! Even if you don’t have the money right now, you can help us turn our Indent Watchcase into a reality by sharing this campaign with your family & friends. Just click on any of the Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing buttons and  let the world know about our awesome campaign..

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