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Archived: Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC – Private Mortgage Fund: We specialize in private money lending to investors who purchase Real Estate to rehabilitate and resell

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Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC

Funding Goal $25,000,000

Funding Raised So Far $2,500,000

Funding Commitments

Funding Remaining $22,500,000

Funding Type Equity

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Aegis Funding is a division of Aegis Realty, Inc. Aegis Realty is a full service real estate brokerage, created in 2008 with over $500 Million in sales of bank owned properties and real estate investments since inception. With a foot print expanding the entire state of California, Aegis has an expansive client database of real estate agents and investors alike.

Founders and principal officers of the corporation, Jason Moore and Clifford “Kip” Adkins, have purchased and resold over $32,000,000 in real estate investments – flip homes. Recognizing a need for investment financing due to constricting financing availability they developed Aegis Funding – to cater to real estate investors in California. Offering competitive rates and terms, fast underwriting processes and creative solutions to the hurdles of real estate investing.

Aegis Funding is licensed as a Real Estate Brokerage in California with 6 office locations throughout Southern California. Our main branch office is licensed on the federal and state level for Mortgage Loan origination. We are compliant in processes and forms for Fair Real Estate Lending practices here in California and seeking licensing in several other states.

Our Private Mortgage Fund, Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC is a multi-member LLC managed by parent company Aegis Realty, Inc. We specialize in private money lending to investors who purchase Real Estate to rehabilitate and resell. These loans are asset based, meaning that the primary focus is on the collateral for the loan – the home. Since our underwriting guidelines focus on the collateral, we can move to approval and funding very quickly. All loans have a protective equity position of 25% or greater, meaning if we have to take the home back we have ample equity to cover accumulated interest, selling costs and recover all loan proceeds.

Investors in this fund have a preferred rate of return of 9%, although we have out performed this return consistently.

Products / Services

Private mortgage lending – collateralized Trust Deeds

Private money loans, often referred to as hard money loans, are a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by the value of a parcel of real estate.

Private money loans are typically issued by private investors through a pool of money or through loan origination companies.

Loans are based on the value of the real estate with a protective equity position – the difference in value or purchase price to the loan amount.

Borrowers are both individuals and corporations who are purchasing real estate for investment purposes only – not to live in.


President Executive Officer
Kip Adkins

Kip AdkinsKip holds a bachelor of science from Pepperdine University. Kip Adkins has had a multifaceted career in mortgage banking dating back to 1996. His career began at Wolf and Richards, a mortgage banking law firm, where he executed unlawful detainers for REO servicers. From 1998 to 2003, he served as an Asset Manager for GMAC/ Homecomings and worked a national portfolio of REO liquidations. In November of 2003, Kip sought new opportunities as an Asset Manager at AMC Mortgage Services (fka Ameriquest). At AMC, Kip held many positions, beginning as an REO Asset Manager, he moved up to REO Manager then on to Unit Manager in Loss Mitigation department. In 2007, Kip sought to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams and joined forces with friend and business associate Jason Moore to start Aegis Realty, Inc. DBA Aegis Funding, and subsidiary Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC. a private Money Fund for Real Estate Investing.

Senior Vice President Executive Officer
Jason C. Moore

Jason C. MooreFor 23 years now, Jason has been licensed to perform both real estate sales and mortgage origination. With over 2,000 transactions completed, he’s developed a system based on experience to not only thoroughly underwrite any type of transaction, but to further protect the assets post closing. Jason has been on both sides of banking transactions, originating loans as well as managing and marketing REO properties from almost all major lending institutions as well as servicing portfolio’s. Jason has also been involved in the investment, rehabilitation and resale of over $30,000,000 in “flip” transactions. As a private money lender, Jason and his partner have been able to develop not only a streamline and automatic process, but a network of repeat borrowers with a proven track records to perform. Aegis Realty continues to become well recognized as the place to go when seeking private money lending with a current office footprint spanning from San Diego to Northern California.



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