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Archived: Advicy Drive: Safety wearable device to prevent drowsydriving

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Advicy Drive-Safety wearable device to prevent drowsydriving

by AdvicyDrive

Reading the heartbeat with a small bluetooth sensor, we can detect drowsy driving and prevent people from falling asleep at the wheel

About this project

Advicy Drive is a powerful security system that detects fatigue in the most accurate way: your heartbeat doesn’t lie and Advicy Drive can read its behavior and let you know if you are driving safely!

Advicy Drive is composed by a small wearable bluetooth heartbeat sensor, by means of which we detect your pulse from your skin. The mobile APP on your smartphone detects your attention level and let you know if you’re driving safely.
Using it you can detect sleepiness and prevent drowsy driving accidents.

Advicy people and facts

Drowsy driving is something invisible, underestimated and very dangerous.
Research has identified young males, shift workers, commercial drivers and people with untreated sleep disorders or with short-term or chronic sleep deprivation as being at increased risk for having a fall-asleep crash.

1.The technology

Advicy Drive heartbeat sensor uses a high-innovative technology called photoplethysmography, which is the least invasive technology known on the market, typically used in hospitals to read your pulse from the fingertip.

The optical sensor allows reliable and instantaneous heartbeat detection.

 2.The APP: Advicy Drive

You are unique among 7 billion people and so is your heartbeat.

Advicy Drive’s App requires a simple and intuitive configuration(4 steps) to ensure the most accurate result in analyzing your attention status.

2.1 How it works

The first thing to do is to register your personal attention value threshold.

The procedure will last for 20 minutes where you need to stay relaxed to let Advicy measure the right value (this process is needed only once and this alert threshold will be then used by the App during your drive time as comparison).
At the end of this basic step, the App will use and show your personal attention value threshold with a red line on the graph and with a red band in the gauge.
Your are now ready to use the product while driving, your performance is then shown by the cursor in the gauge and continuously monitored.

If the cursor is in the green zone you are driving safely, but if the cursor moves, crossing the red threshold, your physical conditions are lower than the safety level and an alarm will warn you in order to prevent a possible falling asleep at the wheel and a forced Stop will be suggested.

2.2 The Advicy Drive’s Friends list

Advicy Drive’s App allows you to set 4 friends from your phone book, who will be notified in the event that your alarm, for an imminent falling asleep, is not stopped within 20 seconds, so that they can be aware about your safety. We’ll suggest them to call you as soon as possible to verify you’re ok and to make sure you stop for a while.

2.3 Supported Operating systems 

Advicy Drive mobile App is available for Android and iOS and will be published after our Kickstarter campaign!

3.The Advicy heartbeat sensor

Advicy Drive’s bluetooth sensor is lightweight, sweat proof and designed with clips, so that you can remove it from the wristband and wear it wherever you want, as long as it stays close to your skin.

3.1 Certification / Battery and Form features

The battery lasts for approximately 200 hrs allowing drivers to use Advicy Drive for approximately 1 month (at drive). Compared with others heart rate monitors on the wearable market this is the best solution ever.

During the campaign we’ll work hard on the aesthetics and ergonomics of the bracelet that will be included with the sensor. We want it to be comfortable to wear, lightweight and beautiful.

During the campaign we will share updates with some proposals of our designer Studio in Milan, to let you choose the best bracelet to be coupled to the sensor.
The final result will be put into production, together with the sensor, and delivered to you. Help us sharing the idea with your friends.
Stretch goals will come soon. Stay tuned.

3.2 Different usages: a single sensor for Sport and Safety

Are you addicted to sports? Do you ever go running or to the gym?
Well, now you can also say goodbye to uncomfortable chest straps!
You don’t need to change your wearable for every occasion and you can be ready, any moment, to obtain the benefits you expect from your exercise.

Many apps available on the market could use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to Advicy Drive heartbeat sensor. You can then combine it with your favorite fitness App in order to read your heartbeat and help you reach your limit.

 3.3 Design

Our sensor can be put everywhere on your skin, on your underwear and even on your traditional watch bracelet. The sensor is composed by an electronic PCB and its case. The electronic PCB is defined and stable. Anyway we plan, within the end of the campaign, to further improve the case in order to reduce its size and thickness to let you have the most comfortable product on the market.
We will share with you updates on the design, day by day.


Kickstarter Pledge Level Overviewed

Advicy drive for a safer day and a beautiful life.

There are times when you have to drive for many miles and many hours, late in the night, early in the morning, in every physical condition.

There are times when, after a crazy night with your friends, you drive back home in the night with a smile on your chicks.

There are times when you turn over in your bed worrying about someone you love who is drowsy driving, and times when you are just a worried parent who drives through the night to pick his daughter up from a party.

We all live crazy and busy lives, blasted by information, data and news, and technology affects all of our interactions.
But the fact is that first of all, we are humans, and we are made of the experiences we live.

Advicy Drive is non invasive and is built to ensure that you live your everyday life safe, in a human way.

Why Kickstarter

We believe in the power of community as we believe in technology. We don’t want to just sell a batch of products and then go away. We need your help to define and develop new features (for example a new sensor’s electronic to help us read more biological data to become more and more precise, new design etc.), to reduce the price of our product, letting us enter in different markets and to save people’s lives.

Help us to help others … the domino effect starts from one…you! Join us!

Risks and challenges

No one wants to see a good idea executed poorly, especially one related to a wearable safety device. We have worked extremely hard to ready this product for Kickstarter and full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment, but here are what we see as the risks:
MANUFACTURING: To create a product of this type the bottle neck are the molds creation, this process typically takes 60 day lead time and this is where delays could occur. To minimize that possibility we’re working with tooling manufacturers partners with a track record for prompt quality.
PRODUCT ADJUSTMENTS: As Advicy Drive Sensor gets geared up for production, there will likely be some minor adjustments to improve the final product. Pre-production prototypes are made to test comfort and to refine the product and allow us to incorporate our adjustments and those suggested by experienced manufacturing partners. These will always be for the benefit of you, the consumer, and we will let you know exactly how and why any are made.
APP ADJUSTMENTS: Up to now we have made 19th updates to our App and we will do others in the next months. To increase the responsiveness of our preventive alert we do day-to-day research and we aim to increase Advicy Drive’s functionalities.

Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us make Advicy Drive by clicking the ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of the page, or by helping us spread the word by sharing our page.

We raise a cup of beer in your honor, and say THANK YOU for your help!

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