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Archived: 3-4-1 – Three Tales Told Nine Ways: Three authors remix three of their stories three times and hope they’re still friends in the end

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3-4-1 : Three Tales Told Nine Ways

by Christine, Nicole and Chris

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Three authors remix three of their stories three times and hope they’re still friends in the end.

About this project

Have you ever read a story or watched or movie or listened to a song and thought, “I wish that the writer had done x”? (This happens to me a lot with songs. I mean seriously, you couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with baby? How about every other word that ends in –y?)

One day I was wondering if writers themselves ever wish that they could go back and change a few things in their stories. I’m sure that they do. But it seems like once a thing is written it’s forever carved in the unchangeable stone of copyright law.

As I was thinking about this, I had an idea for a story; actually, I had an idea for a couple of stories that were basically the same story just told slightly different. And then I thought, since that seemed like a lot of work, what if I just gave my story to some friends of mine and asked them to write their version of it?

That’s where 3-4-1 came into being. The premise is this: Nicole, Chris and I each wrote a main story. Then we swapped them around and asked the others to take whatever part of our story inspired them and run with it. So some of the stories are thematic copies with a change of scenery and some take just a few words and spin out an entirely new story.

On top of that, we’ve asked three artists to come on board and mirror our efforts in the visual sense. So each artist will illustrate one main story and then create two more pieces of art based of the art or style of the other artists and their interpretations of their writer’s story.

Sound complicated? Sure. Fun? Definitely. And the point?

Well, the world always needs more stories, right?

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk for this project is getting all of the stories done on time. Stories are fickle creatures! Sometimes it takes longer than we expect to tame them into their final forms.

Luckily we’ve got over a decade worth of experience in the publishing industry and keeping authors on track. We’ll be using all those tips and tricks that we’ve used to keep others on schedule on ourselves as well.

If it does happen that we need to adjust our current publication goal of October, we’ll be sure to let everyone know ahead of time.

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